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Summit Valley Horse Center

Volunteer Membership

Become Volunteer Member

For the 2023 season, we ask that all of our volunteers become official members of Summit Valley Horse Center.

Ways to become a member

  • $100 donation for an individual or
  • $150 donation for a family or
  • 10 hours of volunteer time at the Ranch, ReSaddled Thrift Store, or administration, marketing, event planning, etc. (To be paid by October 31st - Everyone is welcome, regardless of financial constraints!) 


Step 1: If you’re brand new to SVHC, come to a New Member Introduction Course! If  you are not a member, we ask for a $50 suggested donation or 5 volunteer hours. 

Step 2: If you’re new to horses or want to build confidence and skills, join our Beginner Horsemanship Course! It’s 6 weeks of learning for a suggested donation of $250 or 20 volunteer hours. 

Step 3: Participate in Advanced Horsemanship classes. To join these classes, you either must complete the Beginner Horsemanship course or have an experienced staff member certify that you have the skills required to participate. 

Membership Perks:

  • Access to the ranch, all ranch events and classes
  • Free New Member Orientation class ($50 value)
  • Free Meet the Mini’s class ($50 value)
  • Receive SVHC baseball cap upon completion of Beginner Horsemanship course
  • Volunteer more than 30 hours and receive a SVHC t-shirt
  • Receive advance notice of and priority for any special events, clinics, concerts at Dillon Amphitheater
  • Exclusive invitations to wine Fridays at the Ranch and other members only social events at the ranch and elsewhere
  • Eligibility for group and individual riding lessons as a reduced cost

We have different ways in which you can help and you can do one path or all.

Ranch Team

Maintenance, building, fencing, irrigation, no direct horse contact necessary

Horse Handler

Horse contact, training, riding, grooming, feeding and care

ReSaddled Thrift Store Team

donation sorting, merchandising, customer service.

Administration Support

Administration, social media, advertising, community relations, IT input/support

SVHC Events

Assistance and management, volunteer/membership coordination, ticket sales

Learn about and work with our horses!

Want to learn about horses and help us train our foster horses?  Below are the variety of activities and programs we offer exclusively for our members:

While membership in the organization is needed to attend workshops and classes we realize that Summit County is an expensive place to live. We don’t want ability to pay to be a barrier to your involvement with us. If you are unable to assist financially we ask that you volunteer some hours and assist with either Ranch chores or at the Thrift store or in other appropriate ways.

Program Details, click read more!!