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Making the joy of human-horse connection possible for people of all ages and backgrounds, while giving rescued horses a second chance at life.

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What We Offer You

Be part of a community of people who are passionate about horses and giving the rescued horses we foster a second chance. Build your knowledge, skills and confidence in all things equestrian: ranch management, horse psychology, communication, grooming, rehabilitation and training.

Make a difference in our community by giving residents and visitors to Summit County the chance to interact with horses, deepen their knowledge about all aspects of horsemanship, and experience the joy of human-horse connection.


How you can get involved
  • Help train and rehabilitate the rescue horses we are fostering during the summer.
  • Build your horsemanship skills so that you might become a volunteer facilitator in our programs.
  • Lend us your skills in construction and maintenance to help us with special ranch projects.
  • Bring your family to our programs and join in special events offered in our community.
  • Volunteer at our ReSaddled Thrift Store

Our Programs Include:

Administrative Support

SVHC Events

Re-Saddled Thrift Store

Pony Posse

Ranch Hands

Junior Horsemanship

Riding Lessons

Advanced Horsemanship with Foster Horses

Beginner Horsemanship

Meet the Minis

    Upcoming SVHC Events

    Summit County Colorado

    Resaddled Thrift Store

    There is a reason why the ReSaddled Thrift store won first place in the Summit Daily’s Best of Summit category among local Thrift Stores, and it becomes obvious when you walk through the doors of our Silverthorne store.

    Partners and Sponsors

    Thank you to our partners and sponsors