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Promoting Horse Adoptions through the Right Horse Initiative

27 May 2018
Summit Valley Horse Center realizes the importance of rehabilitating rescued horses, allowing these horses in transition to find forever homes. SVHC partners with Colorado horse rescue organizations by fostering rescued horses for the purpose of e...

PTSD plummets for veterans who try horseback riding

27 March 2018
Click the link below to read a wonderful article about PTSD veterans and horses. Well-designed, therapeutic programs with animals has been shown to be one of the few programs that can actually cure PTSD. It can be a debilitating condition with lit...

What Horses Can Teach Us

22 February 2018
Horses, running free and unencumbered across an open prairie, fill us with feelings of awe, wonderment and pride in our western heritage. I wonder, is it stirring some deep primordial memory with horses over the millennia or are we just appreciati...