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Goolge Reviews

Read what our clients have to say.

Maria Walton

28 October 2023

Taber Sweet

02 October 2023
Had the pleasure of spending a morning with one of the mustangs and got the chance to spend time with the Executive Director. She and her staff are absolutely amazing and the work they do at this facility is inspiring. I would encourage anyone to head up and see for yourself the horses that are saved because of this organization.


17 September 2023
SVHC is a wonderful place for kids, adults and everyone in between. You need to go and experience for yourself the calming and restorative nature of horses. The staff and volunteers are warm and welcoming. It will change your life!

Jazmin Winchester

27 August 2023
I had the pleasure of joining a couple of the sessions/classes during my visit in Colorado. All of the workers/volunteers were kind, knowledgeable, and patient! They really know how to instruct you when interacting with the horses. They maintain great safety protocols! Also, the center, land, property, and animals look well taken care of! Truly recommend anyone of any age, and life stage to come experience Summit Valley Horse Center.

Nicole Perelman

06 May 2021
I can’t say enough amazing things about this special place! I adopted my sweet boy from them and they did a wonderful job getting him well socialized and were so generous with their time and advice long after the adoption!!