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Summit Valley Horse Center

Adoption Story



Hero is a 4 year old miniature horse that was forced to live in a small enclosure all his life, surrounded by manure piles that stood about 4 feet high. The large manure piles forced him to stand at an angle, causing his back legs to become crippled. When we first approached Hero in his dark, dungeon-like stall, he was scared and unhandled.  With some coaxing, we were able to bring him out into the sunshine, and on to a transport trailer to begin his new life.   On February 7, 2023 Hero had a full medical evaluation to include blood work, vaccinations , lameness check, teeth checked and xrays of his legs. Hero does have a small stifle issue and a lot of muscle atrophy, but both are 100% curable with exercise, supplements, and love! Hero will be at Summit Valley Horse Center for training in May and will return to Next Step Horse Rescue in October. He will be cleared for adoption in October, in the meantime we are seeking a sponsor for Hero and lots of volunteers to show him love and kindness.